Relationship Coaching

Early on, we learn ways of being in the world, develop patterns of responding to our surroundings, and create defenses to keep us safe. What worked when you were growing up may not be serving you now – especially in your relationships. Our sessions are an exploratorium of YOU, a space of curiosity and excavation of the unique wonder you are. Your first relationship is with yourself and it sets the tone for the rest of them.

Whether you’re stuck on an ex, recovering from a break-up, not having satisfying sex, or struggling to get what you want and deserve in your relationships, I am here to coach you forward. None of us can see our own blind spots. In under an hour, I can guarantee clarity and insight into what your process is and how to move forward.

Together, we’ll work to identify exactly what is holding you back and create a clear and actionable plan that you can implement TODAY.

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