Getting Curious

iStock_000064112237_Medium_(1).jpgFellow traveler, guide, personal trainer, coach, love doctor, relationship guru… In the coaching community there are endless ways to describe what it is that we do. Simply put, a Relationship Coach helps you to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Although coaching is future-focused, goal-oriented, it can be helpful to look into the past to gain insight and self-awareness.

I draw inspiration from my background in Holistic Counseling Psychology and typically invite my clients to use their pasts to clarify what thought-limiting patterns, processes, and defenses have been developed in order to break through those barriers that prevent them from living whole-hearted lives.

I ask questions aimed at deepening your relationship with your SELF.

How have YOU learned to love?

What was your first look at relationship?

What sort of messages you did receive about your sexuality?

How did you parents express their love to you? For each other?

How has your idea of love shifted throughout your life and changed with different relationships?

What KINDS of love have you known?

What kind of relationship do you DESIRE?

Describe your ideal partner? Like realllllly describe him/her.

What relationships patterns do you see showing up repeatedly.

All of these prompts are invitations inward and an opportunity to get curious about the person reading this blog. YOU. Our experience in the world is shaped by influences as early as your mother’s voice in the womb. When we explore our early life, it helps us connect to the “why.”

Accept my invitation to look deeper. I wonder what you’ll find.

Real Love,