Clarity Mapping

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Your desires are your roadmap to a life of pleasure, success, and achievement.

The process that most of us use to achieve tasks is upside down. To-do lists, strategic planning, goal-oriented thinking… This is a male-oriented framework and you’re a GODDESS. Feminine desire and goal setting works a little differently. You are a creatrix. What you desire, you will naturally create.

I love a to-do list just as much as the next girl… but when you identify the feelings that you DESIRE, you will gain so much more clarity and momentum than just writing a to-do list. NO MORE TO-DO LISTS. No more chasing goals based on what other people want. Instead of focusing on where you want to go, what you want to attain… let’s draw your attention to how you’re going to feel when you get there.

Get clear on how you want to feel and then set your intentions and let your red, hot DESIRE consciously design how you move through your life.

I want to know, lovely…

Tell me…

How do you WANT to feel?

When you’re getting dressed for your day?

When you’re with your family for the holidays?

When you’re deciding what to eat for breakfast?

When you walk down the street?

When you’re planning your week?

When you’re ordering coffee?

When you get a promotion?

When you’re on a date?

After you get your degree?

When you’re waking up in the morning?

How do you WANT to feel?

Whether it’s figuring out what guy (or girl) to date, whether or not to get divorced, move to a different state, or just what to have for breakfast – we lose time, lots of it, to indecision and inaction.

I opened a fortune cookie with the other day with the words,  “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” YES. When you not living your life with intention and conscious desire, you are playing small. And that’s no way to play, sister

This is for women who are ready to get organized and intentional. To create a life that feels delicious. To identify the feelings you desire most when you’re planning your day, your year, your holidays.. your life. To design your life with intention, sensuality and action


75 minute Clarity Session  – $125


5 KEY REALMS ASSESSMENT (Health and Wellness + Relationships and Family + Career and Finances + Mental Health + Personal Growth and Self Expansion) of your life of your life and create a Desire Roadmap. 

Pages of desire

Actionable rituals for clarifying intention and creating new habits

Printable worksheets

One-on-one video session

30 minute Clarity Session $45

Assessment of one of the 5 KEY REALMS and Desire Roadmap

Pages of desire

Actionable rituals for clarifying intention and creating new habits

Printable worksheets

One-on-one video session

Ah… it feels like Spring cleaning…

Do you know what you can do with that kind of clarity, that kind of intention and awareness? You’ll wake up feeling different. Decisions will be easy, intuitive.

No more maybes or saying yes when you really mean no. Your mind will be way less cluttered and your heart will be wide open for the things, places, people, jobs, experiences that you WANT to hold space for.

Make room to see your life from a new perspective. A perspective of highly evolved and magical bliss.

If you got excited reading this; if you feel that pull in your heart and that stirring whisper.. “hold your breath and jump!…  I urge you to DO IT NOW. Your life is too important to play small, sister.

Let your body drip from the magnificent life that is yours to create. We’re here now. Might as well make it juicy!

This message is being sent out to my entire list of 600 beautiful queens and the sessions will be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  These spots will go quickly.

If this opportunity is calling to you, and you know you are ready (especially if you’re not), come play >>>