424379_10151441436350701_1714764117_n-1.jpgI’m Sara, founder of Real Love: Holistic Life Coaching for Women. 

It is my love and joy and SOUL PURPOSE to play in the shadows, to write, to illuminate the dark path with ||  l i g h t  || and healing to those who seek to connect with what they have doubted, disowned, and dampened within themselves.

I work with women to reconnect with their power. Power that has been lost {or taken} one way or anther.

I believe that the key to creating a life of BEAUTY, MAGIC, and AUTHENTIC CONFIDENCE begins by connecting with the EROTIC SELF.

I help women to get touch with their desire and longings, tap into their SEXUALITY and let it ooze into their life, their businesses, and into every single one of their relationships.

Coming home to your body, awakening your sensuality, healing your relationship with food and pleasure is the KEY to CONFIDENCE, to POWER, to success. 

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions, so click here for a free 30-minute Discovery session.

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